Need landing page feedback on my solo freelance SAAS product


Hi Indie Hackers! I am a longtime lurker here since October of last year. I've decided to finally come out of the shadows and introduce myself and get some feedback on a freelance product I am working on. I am a developer like many here and need some marketing and sales advice on my website.

The product is geared towards solo freelancers , so I am not planning to do enterprise sales, use investors, etc. It's simply a side project at this point and if it turns into something more, great! I freelance on the side so this product is personal to me and scratches my own itch. I just wanted a stupid simple tool that saves me time without all the bells and whistles of other tools. I got some great feedback from random people. I have a few cheerleaders for Yuum already, which is nice.

The product will going to alpha next month to my close friends and family and then I will release to beta afterwards. I built the app in Node/React/Redux.

Should I charge users for the beta period? If so how much? I was thinking $15 to $20/month. I am not offering a free plan but I will add a 14 day trial and there will be a 30 money back policy too.

~ Michael


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    Hi Michael, agree that your landing page looks great!

    Your product seems to increase retention the longer people use it (they probably have to input their customer data, set up invoices schedules, input time tracking data, ...).

    Call me crazy but I would say 90 days beta for a symbolic low price.

    Sometimes the effort of giving you credit card details is more than the amount itself customers pay and this will represent already commitment on their side.

    This will give you time to get your users addicted to the product and make it part of their workflow.

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      Thanks for the feedback! So you are saying put the app in beta for 90 days?

      What do you think of the current price tag for beta here? I've changed it a few times today already.

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        Correct me if I am wrong, but at this point you are not trying to optimize revenue, but to get your first users trying to find product market fit.

        Following the deal that hooked me up to Headspace meditation app (0.99 USD for 3 months, and then normal pricing). As a customer, this amount made me feel that it was almost zero investment for me, but I actually showed commitment to Headspace, since I really took the time and trust to put my payment information there.

        As a way to reinforce the FOMO feeling, you could put two pricing plans:

        • 0.99 USD (just continuing the example of Headspace) for 90 days if you sign up before X date or for the first 100 customers (even if it's not true :D) (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/262925).
        • After beta price, with a steep price so people can understand the good deal that is available now.

        Make sure you show the beta price in a very shiny way (ribbon, best deal, ... kind of thing) because now when I see your price, it gives me the impression that I get no benefit of being an early adopter of your product. And remember, if you have people that have consistently been using your product for 3 months, if you charge them later 50USD or 100USD per month), they probably are happy to pay it if it solves everything you say it solves.

        Let me know if I explained myself clearly :D

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    Ok, I decided to go ahead and charge for beta after sitting here and thinking about it. I definitely want users who are actually interested in the product and not free users. I really appreciate the feedback from everyone here.

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    Hi Michael,

    The product seems a good fit for freelancers and the landing page is impressive. I would add a bit more detail under 3 core features:

    Manage Clients and Projects
    Create and Sign Contracts
    Send Invoices and Get Paid

    Give more details so website visitors know the value of each feature.

    Try not to charge for BETA. The users will not like paying for product which may have bugs.

    14 Free trial is a great idea. Pricing is always tricky part for any SaaS product. Do research on similar products to see how much competitors are charging.

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      Hey I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

      Ok, I will look into adding more detail about the 3 core features.

      You are right about the pricing. I have no idea what to do about pricing. I definitely do not want a free plan in the live version but the beta is where I am stumbling with this. Pricing is tricky indeed.

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    Hey Michael, congrats on the launch.

    I would recommend charging from the get-go. That's the only way to make sure you're getting genuine feedback from the right kind of people.

    As far as the landing page goes, you might find my landing page checklist helpful :)

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      Thank you for the feedback. Seeing that I am seeing people saying they will pay for beta, I might add the price tag back in. You are right, I should be seeking feedback from genuine people who are willing to pay for the app.

      How much should I charge for the beta and live versions? I'm struggling with pricing.

      I really appreciate your feedback.

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        No problem.

        How much should I charge for the beta and live versions? I'm struggling with pricing.

        You need to work that out with your customers.

        My rule of thumb is:

        • less than the perceived value of your product (for your customers)
        • more than it costs you to acquire a customer and support them

        You won't know the answer to the second point yet, so you'll have to answer the first point and adjust accordingly later.

        Good luck!

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          Got it. Thank you again for your advice.

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    Landing looks cool. Wish you luck. What will be the difference in beta vs live version? For example I don't mind paying for beta, I'm more concerned investing my time into a tool that might not exist very soon or change dramatically after going live.

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      Thank you for the feedback. The difference between the beta and live are mainly stability. The beta might have some bugs and I might add a couple more small features to the app but overall what you see in Beta is what Live will look like.

      If I charge for beta, what should I charge? I had a $10/month price tag there this morning but removed it. The app is definitely not going to go through any dramatic changes between beta and live.

      Thanks again for the feedback

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        10 is too little as for me, If you tool really works and have a market fit I would start from 50/mo I'm a freelancer myself and currently I pay 5% from all revenue to upwork just because it can handle payments and worklog for me and my client. That's hundreds per month. For this price I don't think about invoices, timely payments, etc. So If your tool can handle all this including contracts, why not charging accordingly?
        Moreover If I would see a $10 price tag I would think that these guys are not serious to even try them.

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          Ah I see. Interesting perspective. You are right, when I see a small price tag I think the same thing. Ok, I am going raise my rates for the app then. Wow, I truly appreciate your feedback. Seriously, thank you.

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    Awesome work. One of the clearest landing pages I've seen for a while. Understood exactly what you're offering.

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      Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate the compliment.

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    Hello! I like the overall feel of the landing page, it has a nice ergonomic to it, well done! Its informative, straight to the point and highly visual. Overall I know what this product does from this landing page.

    I wouldn't charge for beta testers. Their feedback could be the most valuable thing you have at this stage. I will also make it very easy for them to provide feedback, and I would ping them directly every now and then to get explicit feedback. Good Luck!

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      Hey! Thank you for the feedback! I removed the beta pricing per your suggestion.

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