October 9, 2019

Need motivation + organization... Tools?

Solo founder. Struggling to keep motivated and stay on schedule. I know myself well - to be productive I need to see other people making progress.

Thinking of spending a day to scrap together a website where you post your TODOs and share them publicly or with friends. Track things as you go. Anything like this exists? Would you use it?


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    /group/daily-stand-up seems to be made for that...?

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      yeah, good for end-of-day reporting but I need to get thru the day somehow...

      Any place to see/track the progress in a... 'social' manner?

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    Hi @javadiagrams

    This could maybe help you: https://getmakerlog.com

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      Hey, this is interesting. Thank you!!!

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    I had a similar idea years back and even got some designs done and made a landing page. Quite a few people signed up! But it never got made and I can't code :( The site is motimate.org if you're interested.

    I would be interested in trying out a shared to do list app if you can make one!