Growth June 18, 2020

Need some advice for selling App theme Templates

Srineesh @SrineeshFlutter_io

Backstory: I made 3-Flutter App templates and made 15-sales so far. But honestly, I didn't do any advertising, All I did was to upload a video on YouTube, sharing the video everywhere and pray for getting more sales.

Not gonna lie the themes helped me as a showcase to get freelance clients but i want to turn this into a full-time business.


  1. Can you help me give some marketing ideas?

  2. How to find affiliates for this industry i.e selling frontend theme templates?

  3. What do App developers think about app templates? Would you buy one?

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    Hey Srineesh, Im looking for a Flutter Dev/Partner for a Mobile App Project. I have 10+ Years of experience in Online Sales & Marketing. Would love to connect and discuss if you are available and interested. Im from Pune!

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      Hey glad to hear that. Please write your requirements to [email protected]

      If you are interested in checking out templates here is the link:
      I am from Hyderabad india

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