April 20, 2019

Need some feedback on usefulness of product


Hi everyone!

I made https://repher.me, a referral network for tech employees. I wanted to get some feedback on how I can make it more useful and where the painpoints are with the website as it is today.

What I'm not looking for at the moment is feedback on the landing page and messaging, because most of my users come in with the context of understanding how it works. I'm getting around 12% sign-up rate.

Actually any feedback is welcome lol




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    I think it's a great idea. I was actually persuaded to sign up—first time I've done that for any project on IH!

    Very simple. Clear messaging. I think you could be more explicit about the benefit to referrers (i.e. money from a referral scheme)... as I'm (unfortunately) not sure everyone would think about that immediately.

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    Once, I referred two people into my company and I choose to believe that they got a 'fast-pass' because referrals by nature means that I know these two people such that I can place my name on them and be confident enough that they fit the role and won't disappoint the company.

    I've got a couple of thoughts:

    1. If these engineers are already from top tech firms such as Google & Zendesk, do they need a referral?
    2. If there are engineers from less known companies, do I have to vet them myself?
    3. Adding on to qn 2, do you provide exercises such that these engineers can prove their competencies, leaving me to only perform the step of referral
    4. How do you prevent companies from knowing that their engineers are looking for an out?
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    Idea - cool
    Landing page - not
    Call to action is not clear for me
    The first question is "Why do i need referrals?" or give them

    Also, there is a lot of elements on the first screen.

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