Landing Page Feedback January 27, 2020

Need your feedback on my landing page

Hossein Shams @hosshams

Hey IndieHackers,

I started to release my product to the public and would like to launch it on ProductHunt a few weeks later. I've put together this landing page yesterday and would like to perform a few revisits in the coming weeks. I'd like to read your thoughts on:

  1. Does the message is clear?
  2. How's the overall design?
  3. Does the order of sections would keep you scrolling down? Any suggestions on re-ordering the sections?
  4. The video in the header section is on autoPlay mode. Do you prefer to play it yourself?
  5. Any other sections/content you would suggest to add to the page?


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    It's 10/10! But maybe add little bit of a tone to the white, because seeing the picture you've added, it kinda of strains my eyes.

    Try doing that I suggest, and if it looks a bit off, it's fine how it is right now still. Just my honest feedback.

    1. 1

      I see your point. Thanks for your honest feedback and glad you liked the design. I'll add more tone to the background and maybe add a background image to some of the sections.

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        Good luck, with your services!

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    I think it's excellent. Nothing to change. Like the FAQ. But I think $12 a year is too cheap!

    1. 1

      Thanks for taking a look. This is the "Early Adopter" plan just to increase the probability of having paid customers in the first month. I'll increase the price in a few weeks after adding a few more features and templates.

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    Brain dump:

    1. The design is super clean and easy on the eyes. Good use of white space and color.

    2. The video at the top is just a static image for me (Mac, Chrome). I was really wanting it to be a video or gif. Sounds like it just might not be working.

    3. The "made for you" section is 100% geared towards those involved with an app. If that's your focus, that's fair but you might be leaving others out.

    4. Pricing is extremely simple and clear.

    5. Your logo in the navbar is extremely pixelated on a 5K screen (not sure about others).

    6. Love that you can demo the product before giving any information.

    7. The fact that your site is seemingly built using the website builder I think is a strong selling point, and I like that you display that.

    Overall, it appears to be a terrific product and should do well on Product Hunt.

    1. 1
      1. I just noticed that I should add a "muted" attribute to an autoplay video. I'll fix it soon.
      2. For now, yes. I'm focusing on designing landing pages for Mobile Apps while I'm working on the builder and designing more templates.
      3. I should create an SVG logo soon.

      Thanks so much. I'll continue to add a few more templates and features till mid-February and then launch on PH.

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    I like the overall design and that the video just plays. I see that there is no playback options; which is fine as long as it's short enough and I see it is on loop.

    In terms of the message - I see that it is to create landing pages for 'mobile' apps, but what about the product makes me want to create landing pages only for mobile apps and is there functionality here that I don't get anywhere else in regards to landing pages marketing mobile apps? I'm trying to gain empathy on users that want to create landing pages for mobile apps and nothing else. Unless, it is a niche targeting strategy ;-)

    1. 2

      You're totally right. I'm targeting a niche, but my message is not targeted for the niche yet. My goal is to start with this niche and then reach broader audiences gradually. I got it. I'll add a few more sections and describe what is unique about Pageam in terms of building a landing page for mobile apps.

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    Looks good :)

    I've actually used this template though

    I like that you can try out the demo right away, nice touch.

    This is built with Wordpress, right? It seems you've made a lot of customizations which is really cool to see.

    Also, you have a quick spelling mistake on the HP Pricing plans. Here's a quick screenshot:

    Good luck, looks like it's coming together really nice!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback. Landrick is also seems nice.

      Yes, the page builder is on top of Gutenberg with lots of plugins and modifications. The backend is WordPress just to get started rapidly, but I'm planning to move to drop WordPress in a few months after validating the idea.

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    Looks nice! And I like the idea behind it.

    Now, some issues:

    1. Spelling in pricing section: "3 Websited"
    2. I would make a decision based on the templates. So my first question was "Do I like the templates". I'd put that as a main CTA, like "Browse templates" or similar.
    3. "Try Page Builder" CTA is weak. I'd go with something regarding a template / value driven.
    4. First image, "Pick a starter template", should be something better. Bottom part is completely empty. I'd personally use some nice, natural photo of a person using phone.
    5. "Try Page Builder" CTA leads to a page where you do not see templates, but just their names. To a first time visitor, this does not help me much.
    6. It's all nice, however you are mostly focused on features, not so much on the value of your product. Why should one use Pageam instead of WP theme? There is a value proposition if you answer that right.
    7. Try to talk prominently about SEO and/or possibility of A/B testing etc.
    8. Get some testimonials or portfolio examples. If you don't have any, find apps without a landing page and create it for them. This will help build credibility I think.
    1. 1
      1. Oops.
        2, 3. Agree. Also, I might design a section and put a direct link to some templates as well.
      2. That's a video. It supposed to be on autoPlay, but it's not! I will fix it.
      3. Yeah, I need to display a thumbnail for them as well. I'll update it in a few days.
        6, 7. You're right. I should make my value proposition clear.
      4. That's what I'm planning to do starting next week.

      Your feedback was super helpful. Thank you so much.

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    Your page looks awesome! Here's my feedback:

    1.) Seems like a WYSIWYG landing page builder specifically for mobile app products. I think this is really clear from the tagline and messaging, and the video is a great demonstration of the product.

    2.) The overall design is really clean and modern and nice. I love the high contrast and the colors you used--especially in the iconography.

    3.) The order of sections is clear to me as it is currently.

    4.) I like that the video is autoplayed--I wouldn't likely play it myself otherwise.

    5.) I think the pain and problem is lacking from the page. There are a lot of WYSIWYG editors/builders out there and I think you have an opportunity to explain why those are suboptimal and yours is better than the alternatives. I think that's missing.

    Hope this helps!

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback. Regards #5, yes, a few other people mentioned that as well. I'll add a couple sections to talk about them.

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    I liked the design as a whole but I guess the logo seems a bit lonely and small in the top left corner, maybe you can make it a little big bigger? Guess you wanted it to be the same size as the menu elements but the emptiness around the logo makes it seem smaller.

    1. 2

      Good point. Maybe if I make the navbar menus center aligned that would help. I'll give it a try.

  9. 1

    Looks clean and clear.

    1. 1

      Thanks for taking a look. Appreciate it.

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