March 28, 2019

Netflix for fruits and veggies

John Veggie @GetVegetable

Hi there, we have big update - this is fruits and veggies subscription, can we have community feedback? please check

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    Hey @GetVegetable,

    I suggest adding the option to sign up with Google/Facebook. I am a lot more likely to sign up to websites, in general, when they have this option.

    Is there anything special about your vegetables & fruits? Your prices seem too high if not. Perhaps, it could help you sell if you added a "traceability" tab explaining who your producers/sourcers are and where they are located.

    In case you want feedback from additional potential users, I suggest you join @fvarela 's feedback exchange list.

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    It looks better, but still the customer would need to know the :

    • Product selection process. Where do you buy the products ? How can they be re-assured about the quality ? Why do you think it's better than their current alternative?

    • I don't think it's possible to launch this nationwide from the beginning, what's the region ?

    • In the tagline, what do you mean by unlimited ? It seems that it's not really unlimited, is it ?

    • Fruits and vegetable box ? Some say organic, and not for others. Is everything organic ?

    • You will need better pictures down the road.

    • I like the section "In the box you get" , however when we select the size from small to huge, it will be great to see the changes reflected in that section as well. Also for some items people don't shop in LB, you get to buy 6 bananas not x LB of bananas or 2 mangoes not y LB of mangoes.

    Good luck !

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    Looks better, but still not enough FAQ / explainer content.

    I don't even know if this will ship to my region, how quickly or when it delivers, so would be a non-starter for me personally.

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      Thank you for you feedback again, we are working on FAQ and explainer content now

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    Hey! I had a quick look at the website.

    1. Not sure what's your target audience but these prices seem high to me (note, though, I'm from a country with lower purchasing power than the USA)
    2. The landing page doesn't do a great job explaining why should I order this in the first place. I know eating fruits and veggies is good for me, but is it worth that much?
    3. I'd be worried I'll not be able to eat the whole box and waste. Maybe an estimation would be good, like 1 person box, family box, etc.
    4. And finally, since I do groceries myself anyway, what's stopping me to buy fruits and veggies I want, I select, and in a precise quantity I want?

    All the best iterating on this!

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      Thank you for you feedback! I see you give to us a lot of work! Thank you so match for this feedback!

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