Network at co-working spaces to generate word-of-mouth referrals

Join a co-working space and network with your fellow co-workers to create word-of-mouth advocates.

Instead of spending time and money on marketing, Austin Ginder of Anchor Hosting ($19,000/mo) has grown organically through the relationships he's cultivated at his co-working space. Focusing on the people most likely to refer customers to him (in his case, web designers and developers), he's kept his introductions simple while making sure to mention exactly what he's working on: "Hi, my name is Austin, and I XYZ." From there, his growth strategy has been to seek out opportunities to become a core member of the community — by organizing and speaking at meet-ups, for example. To give this a try, check out co-working spaces like WeWork or Regus.

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    The type of business justifies the activity. Surely a business selling women's clothing would not work based on word of mouth at a co working space.
    Most times networking is insufficient to create a big-time buzz with 1000's of target users.

    1. 3

      When I was coworking (quite a few years ago now) I use to 'network' a lot. At the time I was doing 'freelance testing' type stuff. I never got work directly, but whenever the topic of testing came up they always pointed people my way.

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