April 24, 2019

Networking help

Bogdan Sturza @sturza

Hello fellow hackers. I started building a new app to help those who have a hard time networking. Networking is mostly based on meaningful interactions, empathy and caring. Besides that, networking should not be done only when we need something. That’s why I’m building the following app:

Whenever you meet or are in a call with someone, you add the date, meeting notes and promises that were made to eachother. At the same time, you can set reminders for these promises and a reminder to do a follow-up.

I’m building this simple tool to help me get better at networking and trying to keep my promises I make to others, as well as trying to keep others accountable on their word.

What do you think? Critical feedback is welcome and much appreciated!


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    Hello, good luck with building your app. It is a really cool idea. If you don't mind me asking how are you going to make this app unique? What is the difference in your app? Also, can you explain more about empathy and caring? How will you manage to create a safe area for this cause?

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      Thank you for not reading my post