Landing Page Feedback January 25, 2020

New account registration page.

Ryan M @rmccullagh

In my last post, I got great feedback from the IH community that improved the landing page of Amezmo. For my most recent redesign, I changed the user onboarding/registration page to be more than just a plain form and logo.

I wanted to ensure that the page didn't look like a phishing scam so, I added some features/selling points to the left column. The form is an ajax form, and the button goes into a loading state after it's clicked.

  1. 4

    I think it looks great. No issues with it that I see. Have you noticed an increase in signups since making the change?

    1. 2

      I've noticed an increase in 1 conversion since the release of this page.

  2. 3

    Looks good! Only thing I can come up with, is to replace the checkmarks with friendly icons that describes the different points. Though this is definitely not necessary.

  3. 1

    Very nice and simple, love it!