Growth March 9, 2020

New Agency eBook: Learn how to build a 'new model agency' that relies on scalable systems & automation, not your time. Want a free copy?

Matt Kohn @Mattkohn2220

Whatup IH fam! I just finished writing a 40-page, 6,000+ word guidebook where I go deeeeeeep about why most agencies get stuck in the agency trap and how exactly to transition to a simplified and automated New Era agency.

This book breaks down the exact process used by successful agencies who have adopted the new agency model and much of the strategy and systems come directly from our agency accelerator curriculum which has generated over $10M+ for freelancers and agencies since 2017.

The content of this book is the result of years of mistakes (and some wins ;) as a freelancer/agency and many hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into my agency, mentors, consultants and employees.

Inside the guide you’ll learn:

  • The New Era vs. Dark Age philosophy and how this relates to your agency
  • The 5 deadly mistakes most agency owners make that keep them trapped
  • An agency audit to self-diagnose and get crystal clear on where you are sacrificing growth and profit
  • The 3-phase new model transformation to automate/scale leadgen, automate your delivery process from start to finish without sacrificing quality of work and replace yourself in your agency, complete with daily scorecards and suggested tech stacks
  • 7 inspiring new model case studies, from college dropouts to busy fathers of 5

The information inside this guidebook is easily worth thousands and while I plan to charge for the guidebook soon, I am giving it away totally free to the first 100 people who are willing to share an honest review and help DH spread the anti-hustle porn movement.

Want to claim your free copy in exchange for an honest review? Simply drop a comment and I'll send it over. Thanks a lot fam.

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    I'd have a read of that, email in my profile.

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    Thanks! Downloaded it!

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    Nice one, would definitely like to read... do you think this is relevant for all kind of agencies? So software agencies too?

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    I got some time to read and deliver feedback.

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    I will give it a read, 6k words eh. Like the idea of being distracted from the Corona Virus for that long. Twitter is on my profile or you can hmu on

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      HA, don't buy into the mass hysteria.... here you go bro, can download here: