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New Audience Development app for hackers and founders

Today, I was so fed up with audience building on Twitter that I thought: "I definitely need an app that supports a simple way to discover and develop an audience". So, I scratch my own itch and will develop an app.

The app is called "Get the audience" (pun intended).

First, I setup a landing page here to see whether you folks (my current audience) will find value in the tool.

You are all invited to join the early access list so that you're the first to know. Just subscribe via the form on the landing page.

Next step is to build an MVP so that I can create a launch video.

What do you all think about the tool as it is described on the landing page? Any feedback or expectations what such a tool should do?

Looking forward to your answers...

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    Hi, Matthias! This looks like a great product to post in our group of founders who needs audience development. You can exchange feedback about your landing page and theirs too!

    If you're interested, you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pitchback/

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