March 30, 2019

New Cross Platform Crash Monitoring Service

Chris @boardy

Hi Everyone, my name is Chris, I'm new around here (at least in terms of an account) look at various posts and articles as and when I can for a while.

Yesterday (29th March) I launched a new cross platform, any programming language crash monitoring platform. The reason for developing it was I found no crash platform that would work for multiple different stacks (I do Android, web frontend/backend and PC software) and found some them to be expensive and had quite big delays in telling you a new crash had occurred.

It would be great to get some feedback from the Indie Hackers community. You can sign up at

If you have any questions or any feedback (good or bad) I'd love to here them.


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    Playing devil's advocate here: how is your service different from

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      It is admittedly similar, although not sure what you need to search for on Google for it to come up as I never came across this one :).

      Although it is similar I think I'm aiming for a different target market. seems to be more focused on larger enterprise companies as its quite expensive, I'm targeting more on the lines of indie developers and small start ups.

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        @boardy, Another way to look at there being existing products out there is that the idea is validated, next is figuring out what niche you're going after and how you can possibly best serve them.

        In that vein, I'd also checkout sentry, an open source/paid hosted app that's in your space and also pretty neat.

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          Yes I saw sentry as well, I did give it a go a long time ago. Again though this feels more focused to larger companies whereas I'm targeting indie developers and small startups. One of the things that mine does that I don't believe the others do is you can submit custom data within an error to get better insight in to why it happened.

          For example, you could submit particular application settings that may be related to be sent as a JSON object with the error so you can reproduce the problem much quicker than trying to guess what might have caused it.

          With my one, when a crash or an error is reported you can also make notes about it during the development of a fix so you can keep track of what's going on for any particular error within your organisations. I've looked at many different crash and error reporting services and I've not found any that do either of these.

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