New Indie Hackers post layout feels difficult to the eye on desktop

The home page is aligned to a left rule, but as soon as I click on a post, the new post design is more towards the center, with the upvote button sticky fixed on the left

IMO, this is hard, because I used to scan everything with left rule, but now I have to shift to center

Also, I liked the older design better

Is this just me or do you feel this too?

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    In 15 years of working on product I’ve never shipped a design change that didn’t provoke some dissent.

    Humans just don’t like change. I’m sure you’ll acclimatise to the new look and feel.

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      I'm curious why they changed it even? The old one was perfect for me.

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        New design is simpler and cleaner: it removes distractions and highlights the content of the post. It's got a bunch of small improvements to make the text more readable, including a darker background, lighter text, better font rendering, and more contrast on links. It strikes a balance where short forum-like posts look great, but long blog-like posts don't look like unassailable walls of text. And it's significantly more aesthetically pleasing imo.

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      It's not that I don't like change, but I don't like miss-aligned stuff (OCD). The upvote buttons are in a very unexpected position.

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    I don't find it that bad. I prefer the current design it's much cleaner, and I like that.

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    To provide some more feedback, i actually prefer the new design.

    I agree the alignment change is odd, but i think i'd prefer to see the home screen change to the center instead of posts changing back.

    If you're on mobile the new layout is nicer too.

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    I agree it's a bit jarring to go from left-aligned to center. So what I'll do is keep this feedback in mind when I give the homepage a fresh coat of paint, which is hopefully sooner rather than later. I could easily center-align the posts on the homepage.

    Also, given that this post page design is brand new, I'm sure it has room for improvement in other ways that I haven't noticed. Feedback is welcome!

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      hey @csallen we will be happy if we can bookmark posts so we can read them later

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      What I miss of the old design of post pages is the ability to hover over the author's avatar and get a popup with the profile details.

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        Agreed, I'll add that back. In the meantime you can do that if you hover the person's blue name in the footer of the post.

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          I am sorry if this is the wrong place, but I have an issue that I couldn't solve.

          Profile pictures don't load on my desktop. I cleared cookies, and it solved the issue for a few hours, but now it came back. What should I do?

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    Looks ok to me 🤔🤷‍♂️

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    i don't have a strong opinion. but, i do like the new look.

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    I really enjoy the new design. It’s simpler and cleaner. Well done IH team!

    That’s the drawback, one interface will be satisfied everyone. It would be great to hear more sneak peek or building in public when IH release a new feature @csallen

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    I thought the CSS failed to load, the upvote button is way on the left, when content is centered. On a 27" screen it's almost out of view, and the content itself doesn't feel centered.

    I like the cleaner layout, but the position of the post stats is weird.

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      As a solution I would rather have the report/votes count/comments count inline at the end of the post instead of sticky and to the left.

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    This morning when I saw it, I was thrown off for a moment but then I realized I do like it. Later in the day, my feeling changed abit, but then I remembered change is normal and sometimes it just takes time to adapt. We're not use to it but if we give it a chance, we may end up liking it even more.

    I think this way, it looks professional and clean. I would add a few things here and there but courtland gots this. He pivots the homepage all the time and does a great job testing different layouts. I mean.. he has the daturr. Although, it's still good to hear the feedback of the users directly.

    I personally like the way facebook has their homepage, maybe courtland should look at that as an example and try centering the homepage content and then build the modules around it ;)

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      I also like having the posts in the middle and the extra modules to either side. Any thoughts as to what modules you'd like to see on the IH homepage? Do you like the current ones?

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        Wow, thanks for replying!

        The modules you have on the homepage currently is great.

        Suggestion for the future (for the homepage):

        Reddit for example shows posts on the homepage based on your subreddit browsing history. I love this. I like reading new things when it's related to what content I usually look at. This does not mean I dislike when it's stuff I don't. (Yes, users are confusing).

        Obviously there is no subreddits here which makes it hard to correlate. There are groups which I don't browse often but I am going to look into them more. Took me a long time before I really even gave exploring subreddits a chance.


        Once again, I think it's important to understand why users come to Indiehackers. Some may come for the the daily top posts, to socialize, the great community, some for advertising, some to document their progress, etc.

        I discovered this website last year and the reason I still frequent here EVERY single day is because I like reading the top posts/stories on the homepage, engaging in discussions that interest me, viewing milestones, and sharing my development progres.

        Would I be upset if you decided to shutdown tomorrow? Yes, there is no community that feels as comfortable/hip/modern as this one. Reddit is reddit, facebook is facebook. Indiehackers is Indiehackers. It's unique. Just keep doing what your doing.

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    Vocals enjoying the change, that's new. :)

    To me changing the place of the logo is a bit off, I click it a lot to go back to main page. Now that muscle needs to re-arrange itself.

    Agreed side bar could be on the bottom or top on all sizes.


    IDK if that's new but when I collapse a comment, can't take it back w/o refreshing the page. @csallen

    edit: ^ working properly. 🤷‍♂️

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