Landing Page Feedback November 21, 2020

New lander - give it your worst

Dylan Pierce @ctrlaltdylan
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    What!!! this is an amazing idea.

    The landing page looks great. Take it from there.

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    Hi Dylan,

    My first observation is that "delights" feels a little ambitious. I don't think anyone expects to be delighted, they want to be covered. I'd expect something around secure, safe, protect etc instead.

    The H1 is good though, it emphasises that it's a new solution to the problem.

    The text below "Fraud tools are missing the picture" is effective, but probably too small. It contrasts badly against the size of the header.

    The how it works section is good at highlighting the functionality itself, although I think it would benefit from an accompanying demo video.

    The use cases is useful and well done.

    Compared to some of the other sections, the Brothers with Glass testimonial looks massive, and like you're trying to overcompensate for only having one testimonial. I'd scale this down a bit.

    Finishing on the "First 10 ID Checks are Free" offer works really well. It gives the reader an easy way to try the tool without having to pay.

    Overall it's an effective landing page.

    I hope this is useful


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