New landing page! Can you tell what the product is?

We just published a landing page to test the beta version of our product.

Can you tell what it is? What do you think of the page? What would you change? Who do you think the target is?

Any feedback is much appreciated! :)

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    As a engineer who just graduate from ME, this is really impressive. I am wondering so this just build out a component, or I can build multiple component and combine them. Anyway this is cool.

    P.S: Our team just launch our landing page, too. We are aim to help everybody explore their next travel idea! If you guys don't mind can also check out , too. (https://loopit.dev/)

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      Hi! Thanks for your feedback! So, now you can just build one component at a time because we are still working on the beta version. Later (if we manage:)) you’ll be able to combine multiple components.

      Some feedbacks on your landing page:

      • in the popup appearing right away, there is some orange text on a light blue background -> those two colors together crash on the eye, making readability really hard, I’d suggest you to change one of them.
      • the idea it’s interesting! It sure saves a lot of time.
      • about the website, I’m not sure about the connection between the videos and the routes. Are the routes to see exactly the places you see in the videos, or are the videos just an example of what’s in that city?
      • probably you already thought about it, I think it might be interesting also to see how much time it could take you to complete one route
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    Looks like a site to generate 3d models that fit the parameters the user chooses.
    I really like the colors you've used on the site and I understood what your product was very quickly thanks to the helpful images/gifs.

    Quick fix:
    Currently your site doesn't upgrade HTTP to HTTPS automatically.

    Looks like your site doesn't have HTTPS at all. 'Let's Encrypt' issues free certificates if you'd like to look into it.

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      Wow, thanks a lot, I'll check it out!

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