Landing Page Feedback April 1, 2020

New Landing Page. Feedback in Exchange

Masatoshi Nishimura @massanishi

Hi IH!

I'm testing a new value prop for my site. It is for reading and reflection. Probably it'd stay a niche, but it's something I've been wanting myself. I'd love your thought on the page, especially if the message makes sense!

If you leave your site in a comment, I will give thoughtful feedback in exchange. Let's pull our crowd of wisdom!

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    Awesome stuff @massanishi

    The landing page is sleek and well designed.


    1. Would be great to see the screenshot of your chrome app
    2. The big blue box seems a bit misaligned with the overall design, but no big redflag

    I'm also updating my site, your feedback would be helpful!

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      Hey felix12777, apology for the late reply.

      • I like the name. Zlide. Good association!
      • Nice logo as well.
      • I like how it has integration listing (by brand names) right at the top.
      • I'm not sure about presentations "in minutes". I get where you are getting at, but I feel like there's a better way to phrase it. something like in 3 minutes, or 3 clicks?
      • Nice visuals in the middle
      • I don't think you need to phrase free slides as startup, as there's a bigger growing startup as well.
      • In that same pricing table, it would have been easier to see it in the table comparison with the feature names in the first column. Or, have a bullet point for each feature. It's a bit hard to see what's missing with the free plan (though I do notice the numbers are different). Check out Pocket's premium page for pricing, which I like. They color it nice for the premium plan.
      • Even though I like the multiple presentation display, it'd have been nice to see one bigger presentation display to see how beautiful this presentation slide will make.

      Hope this helps!

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    Same as @tjcx, I don't clearly understand the pain point and the value proposition.

    From a UI standpoint, the Serif font is a good idea but you can go for something more original on Google Fonts for instance.

    In essence, I'd bring out the value of the product (and make the CTA clearer).

    Good luck :)

    (if you want to help:

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      Ok thanks michel! Ugh I hate fonts... My number one weakness. If you know a good font to try, let me know!

      For your site;

      • cool design
      • I like the logo/name
      • looks polished and feature rich overall
      • good it shows who the target is in the very top

      Confusing parts

      • I assume you are targeting musicians. I have quite a bit of dance and juggling friends, but you having a concert in the demo page will be a turn off for us. I think you can use the word musicians in the top.
      • the hero message of update everywhere made me confused your service with Buffer (social manager you share Facebook, insta, LinkedIn at once).
      • I think your strength is beautiful about page with performer specific stuff like upcoming events and action button. Having analytic dashboard on the first page was not as appealing that way. Was a bit confusing like those Twitter analytics site. I think it's more effective to put the profile page which the performer will be presenting to his/her audience, that page that will show up when we code gets scanned, in the top section.
      • action button says tip? You can get tips? That might be a strong value prop that stands on its own.
      • also, specific naming of action button would be more imaginative. Ex) I imagine musicians use soundcloud, Spotify, etc. Putting down those names appeal to your audience.

      Hope it helps!

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        Thanks!! Lovely, good food for thoughts :)

        As for fonts, the one on my landing page is Playfair Display, I like Merriweather too!

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          Man, love getting feedback like that. Sparkles good ideas, it's awesome :)

          And yes, tips can be an option for the Action Button :)

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            Thanks for the font!
            Yapyap, let's keep up the good work for our users💪

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    Hi Masatoshi! I like that you're trying out different versions of your landing page.

    Looking at both the current landing page and the one linked above, I'd say that both are very vague. People rarely sign up for a product because they want to "Grow faster" or find a "Path to ideas." From what I can tell, Kaffae tracks my online reading habits, so (1) I can review what I've read and (2) share what I've read with others. I think creating a landing page around these concrete features might be more successful.

    Also it'd be nice to have a screenshot of the actual product above the fold. I don't want to have to sign up to figure out what the product looks like.

    Good luck!

    (Also I'd welcome any feedback on !)

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      Hey @tjcx,

      Love the colors and the header, I would add maybe concrete example of what I can achieve with Gangway. Also maybe I'd put the logos of the services supported in the forefront?

      Feedback welcome here too ;)

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      Thanks for looking at both pages, tjcx!

      Okok, the message being too abstract. I will try to be more specific of what you can do with it! It's true about the screenshots!

      Here's the flow in order of my impression. I'm thinking out loud.

      • I like the moving animation in the top header.
      • I like you included the word API in the top. Those ring the bell these days.
      • It's really cool you built the interactive terminal in the landing page.
      • I'm not used to having an interaction in the hero. I almost missed it was interactive. Maybe put it in the content with a headline "Try it"?


      • I was thinking your service was API builder at offering strong infrastructure until I've read: "Gangway is built on top of undocumented APIs provided by popular consumer applications. End-users grant permission for Gangway (and your app) to access the application on the user's behalf." I'm not sure if hidden API is a known thing. I didn't know it was a thing, so it would have excited me more with something like "Did you know major apps have hidden API? You can build much better integration/apps your customers are used to it with Gangway!"
      • And now, I'm back to the interactive terminal, playing with a few more requests. Back to the previous point, but it'd be nice if it has like a comparison of hidden vs official API, numerically or examples of hidden API.
      • It's cool you've added 11 integrations. I think it's enough to add their logos as supported API or in the cool hero animation you already have. Too many options get me confused what to type in to the terminal.
      • I used to work with Instagram API, and the company did hustle with their crappy API supports and documentation. As a business, it might be easier to start with a specific integration and go after a company that specifically relies on that integration.

      Hope it helps!:)

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