New Milestone - First 25 Sales on Gumroad

I hit a new milestone on my first ever digital product, The Job Indecision Calculator: A Tool to Calculate Which Job Offer is Right for Your Career Goal and Lifestyle (https://jobindecision.xyz), at 25 sales and $181 in revenue!

This does include me giving away a few copies for free and some heavy early discounts, but I'm very proud of the progress so far.

Next steps for me on this are to:

  • Improve my microcopy to make the landing page to better guide a user
  • Add comparison pricing for a Career Coach
  • Add an FAQ section
  • Prep for ProductHunt launch (https://www.producthunt.com/@mike_privette) if you want to follow along
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    Very cool, congrats!! Can you share a bit more about your pricing strategy? Why $20?

    1. 1

      So I started out at $20 when I first launched and then dropped down to $12 based on some early adopter feedback I got from friends and Reddit. $12 was good enough for most people to buy it and then throw in 15-50% discounts and the sales went faster. I wanted to get some quick adoption and feedback and has always intended to make the price $20 again.

      I raised it up now because I’m doing an AppSumo launch on Friday (but with a 50% discount), and I got feedback from a different group that my price should be closer to $40 or even more.

      As a comparison, career coaches can run you anywhere from $90-$100/session or $300-$600/session for executive coaching and you typically have to buy packages for both up front. You could be looking at a few thousand dollars on the low end and five figures on the high end.

      I’m offering career coaching in the form of a spreadsheet that also has some basic decision making principles mixed and that’s worth a lot more than $40 IMO.

      Will I ever make any sales priced that high or even at $20? We shall see! 🙂

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    How far are you gonna take this thing?

    1. 1

      Hopefully to the 🌕

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        I like the idea of a systematic approach to making these decisions. There should definitely be a market out there.

        If I’m reading the landing page right, your product is a spreadsheet? Google Sheets?

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          I hope so and the feedback I've been given so far has been really great. It seems many people just typically make these decisions on money alone, but that's really missing a lot of what should be considered along with that. Money may mean a lot, but when you've got a family or need to relocate, or have other life changes that happen as a result of you taking a new job, you've got to consider all the factors.

          This tool is 1 part career coach and 1 part calculator using simple math an decision making processes whereby you assign values to inputs and force rank them.

          You are correct, I'm selling lifetime access to a Google Sheet.

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