August 26, 2019

New productized service: Backlog development as a service

Colin Winhall @cwinhall

I have been working as a Product Owner / Product Manager in startups now for the last 6 years and one thing I realized is that the backlog always outweighs the capacity to deal with it. A lot of these backlog items are crucial to the business without ever realizing it (until it's too late) because other improvements or new features were always prioritized above everything else. I thought I would try to create a service to fix that.

I've been validating this for a few months now both online and offline. It taught me a lot about the messaging to use and refined the idea a bit more thoroughly.

Still not there yet but plugging away at it slowly.

Always open for constructive criticism!

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    Interesting idea, how is this working out so far when shared with people?

    I know the place I work hass a very complex product with a lot of privacy/security procedures and getting external agencies involved in product work on an ongoing basis would be a headache, particularly managing the communications with the agency.

    I like the website and I think the copy/proposition is very clear :)

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      Hi Chris,

      I've had some good feedback so far but still identifying the right fit for this because as you say the flow does not fit in to every company very well for one reason or another.

      Glad you liked the feedback and that the proposition was clear! :-)