πŸ”¨[New Project] Visually build your website with any CSS framework

Hello IH! πŸ‘‹

I've been grinding away at a new tool in my spare time that I'm really excited about!

I've been doing front-end web development for 10 years now, and I wanted to create a tool that helps people create UIs faster and easier.


I know a lot of really talented people who feel daunted by the idea of writing HTML that looks good. There's so much domain knowledge that's tied up in making something look nice and I want to help lower that barrier, and create a tool that is still useful for experienced devs (How do I vertically center this thing again???)!

There are a ton of awesome front-end tools out there for Wordpress sites, or specific frameworks (Elementor, Beaver Builder) etc. These are great for standing up sites quickly, but are either platform reliant, framework reliant or both. As a software engineer who works on everything from one-page static sites to multi-team/ multi-repo front-ends, these tools just aren't available to me.

That's why I started working on UI Creator UI (<- Name to change when my brain feels more creative πŸ˜‰)!


Its still very early but its a framework (soon to be open sourced) that works with any tool that creates a web page - plain HTML, React, erb, whatever!

  • Describe elements that you want to repeat, and save them in templates for you or a team member to use later on.
  • Codify your utility classes to apply them easily and avoid inline styles for things you already handle
  • Quickly prototype new pages and save blocks to be used later on
  • Use prebuilt templates and components and integrate them into your app
  • Copy an element's HTML, or drag it straight into VSCode
  • Extend the library and offer builder experiences in your own app!

It's still very rough and has a long way to go, but its finally in a place where I can introduce it and ask:

  • Is this something you would use? If not, why?
  • What features would help you create web pages faster?

Thanks for reading!

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