Growth November 8, 2019

New startup ..Grow trees by flying an airplane ...


I want to ask you for your opinion..
Can any of you advise on promotion? it's my first project

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    I like the fact that you want to plant trees, but at the same time someone is buying a ticket to fly a plane, which is kind of controversial.

    I don't know...

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      Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback. Of course we do see your point and this was our concern in the very beginning as well. We ended up with the conclusion that people will do fly no matter what so this way we want to compensate it and return to the nature. Do you see our point now? Regards, David, flyBARBARA team

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        I don't know. Doesn't convince me though. Good lukck with your product !

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    that what happened when i open it

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      Oh some error...
      can you please send me the details? Thank you David

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