TikTok December 13, 2020

New TikTok Group on IH!

John Saddington @8bit
Why don't you use TikTok?
  1. I don't know HOW to use it.
  2. I don't know WHY I'd use it.
  3. I don't have TIME.
  4. Just not into that type of stuff, tbh.
  5. My audience / community isn't there.
  1. 4

    It's banned in India 😅😅. I hated it when it existed cuz the content was so cringy.

    1. 3

      i thought so too...

      ... until i realized that i could actually build an audience, following, and money.

      ... $$$ makes you change your opinion really quickly.

  2. 4

    It's banned in my country (India)

      1. 1

        Based India. TikTok does indeed contribute to the cultural rot of The West.

        1. 1

          I'm not sure I would characterize this matter in a cultural context, but... I remember you dude. Signed a petition even on your behalf way back. Fuckers, right?

          Hmm... My interest is piqued wrt this open source YouTube killing hopeful, and I sent you an email. Dunno about spending time to twitch it though, but maybe.

          I'll look a little closer. Let's see just how FOSS friendly you're gonna be, k? And oh, btw, belated congrats man. That was some really fucked up shit you had to endure.

          1. 1

            actually, you might be thinking about my twin...

      2. 1

        i take it you're not a fan...

        1. 5

          I see no value, either real or perceived, in the use, or promoting the use of, a monolithic corporate silo; the sole purpose of which, is to steal and sell the privacy and intellectual property that rightly should belong to the persons that the silo seeks to exploit.

          Social networking is about people, not advertising or metrics to be taken and sold that concern those people.

          An extant, distributed and federated social network predicated upon free and open source software that neither tracks it's users, censors their contributions and cannot be blocked by any Government makes much more sense than centralized sieves such as Faceplant, InstaSPAM, TacToe, and others that exist only to exploit the participants.

          No central control, no censorship, no tracking, and all intellectual property and privacy remains the property and under copyright of each respective, individual participant that shares.

          Besides, the quality of the content published in the Fediverse far exceeds that which exists at the monolithic, corporate silos (and there's no obligatory advertising either.

          I hope that helps :)


          1. 1

            appreciate your perspective!

            1. 2

              Thank you 🙂

              You should give it a whirl. PM me if you're interested in doing so and I can offer you some suggestions based on your preferences and interests.

              I'mma be rolling out live streaming capabilities soon but in the meantime any particular style or flavor of social media is closely approximated in The Fediverse, although out of respect for this particular community's platform I don't think it's appropriate to provide direct links to sign-ups in a public post :)

              Have a great day!


              1. 2

                the quality of the content published in the Fediverse far exceeds

                Can you please post links to some good content?

                I looked at mastodon recently but it seemed to be pretty quiet. What else is there?

                1. 2

                  mastodon is really neat.

                2. 1

                  Well, on my phone at least, I see no way to PM you. Maybe it's not supported here?

                  That having been said I guess I'll drop a link here in lieu of being able to do so privately.

                  What I might recommend is one of the noisiest instances. They just surpassed half a million users on that server alone. You'll have a lot of filtering to do to cut down on the cacophany but this will give you an idea of the volume and myriad different types of accounts and persuasions in the traffic.

                  After that you can look for an instance on a different Diaspora, Pleroma, PeerTube, Mastodon, Funkwhale, or Pixelfed server, and build up who you follow and pick up followers more organically so as to be selective.

                  Butt having all that noise at the very onset is easier to manage. If you remember gplus, then your familiar with how vacant it seemed until you stated interacting with others and then it just blew up from there.

                  Anyway, here's the link:

                  I'm not accepting open public signups myself but I generally giver out accounts to anyone that asks. You can email me with your desired username if you want an account on one of my servers afterwards, my gpg key is in my profile.

                  I hope that helps!


                  1. 2

                    no PMs yet... but @csallen has mentioned it... i believe... if memory serves me.

    1. 2

      FUCK. this sucks!

  3. 3

    Politics and other biases aside, the kids who produce videos are insanely talented. I definitely go there to draw inspiration / ideas that could be ported over to the B2B SAAS world.

  4. 3

    Someone promise me you'll post dance videos. Only then I'll join.

    1. 3

      i promise to do dance videos.

      1. 2

        Joined already. See ya soon 🕺

  5. 2

    Why isn't there an option for "I'm a TikTok influencer"?

  6. 1

    It made me feel old and ugly so I uninstalled it.

    1. 1

      noooooooooo! i'm sad for that.

  7. 1

    Hey friends!

    I just started up a new profile on #TikTok and I'd love to connect with others on IH that are experimenting with it!

    I have a new "show" (this is a very generous term...) called #STARTUPFAX... lol.

    TBH, I'm learning how to do all this, so, very, VERY much an experiment.

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