New to community building, any advices?

We have an edtech company, Sertifier. --> www.sertifier.com

We would like to build a community where we support the educators and also gain some of them as customers too. Our Facebook group has now 70-80 members.

Any ideas on how to have a better start? Especially, if there's someone who has a closer niche, I'd love to chat and learn more! :)


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    This is my general approach to community building:

    I think at your stage, you are probably best of focusing in on your current members, try to see what it is that brings value and excites them. I honestly wouldn't focus on growth at the beginning.

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      I understand, thank you so much for the lovely comment! If you could just elaborate on what "do things that don't scale" mean? Is it just an advice to focus on the current members?

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        I say that because lots of people start community and want to jump in and automate as much as possible and too quickly. Whilst this might create a flurry of activity, for long term community it isn't actually very healthy.

        Doing things that don't scale, in a community sense means things like:

        • starting conversations
        • onboarding one on one
        • doing small meetups
        • building trust one action at a time
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          Thank you that's very helpful :)

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    What exactly is a " minimum viable community?" @rosiesherry?

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      Bring together people in the smallest possible way to experiment and test your idea that community is actually needed.

      E.g. a Telegram group over a full blown forum.

      Or meetups as a way to engage and understand people better.

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        Okay, makes sense! Thanks!

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    Just a minute ago I tweeted this

    hope it helps you in some way. I have followed you on twitter. We have been working with edutech company on community building for quite sometime now. DM me, will be happy to share my learnings.

    One tip I want to tell you is that "Community is long game. Don't be hasty in decision-makings."

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    Wow, I'm loving all the inspirations I can achieve from these tweets.
    Amazing man, keep going, I'm going to vote up you :)

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    Recently I read a book "People Powered" by Jono Bacon. You can find here some nice frameworks of how to shape it. Definitely recommended reading if you are into sustainable community building from scratch ;)

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