March 8, 2019

New users' acquisition and feedback on a sales webpage builder product

Gautam Lakum @designsprintmaster

Hi Indiehackers,

We've launched CoursePro ( Page Builder for Teachable. Our target users are online course creators, online schools hosted on Teachable ( We need help with 3 points.

  1. It is already serving great to our existing clients and our course creator network. We are looking for more users to iterate our product. Can you please do us a favor by referring this to someone who sells online courses on Teachable?

  2. Any advice or tips for the new users' acquisition?

  3. If you can onboard it and get us feedback, that would be awesome. It will be a great help to improve our product.

Thank you!

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    Have you thought about doing some sales tips via video or webinars to attract them to you? You could round a list of top 10-25 teachable platform users. Personalize a short video on a how-to sales tip specifically to them. Make sure the video don’t have crap to do w/, but focus all about the course teacher. Even mention their name and product in the video. You can segment the leads by course subject/duration/difficulty to help you stay focus and produce valuable advice.

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      Thanks, Helen. These are valueable tips.

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        Np, glad to help. @designsprintmaster did you get to test out any of the suggestions from this thread? Any new challenges or insights that surprised you?

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          Hi Helen, thanks for the follow-up.
          We're making changes to the product based on the users' feedback. Post that, we will start working on videos and webinars.

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    I considered Teachable for a past project but I ended up not using it because of the SEO unfriendly urls generated by their blog platform.

    Your product seems very good!
    However I would expect any serious online course platform to offer a page builder like that by default since customers pay a high monthly fee.

    You should get acquired by them! 😉

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      Thanks, Andrea, for your kind feedback. We're glad that CoursePro seems very good to you.

      You're right that users pay a high monthly fee to host their courses, but a good page builder is missing in them. And we're trying to fill such missing features.

      Regarding getting acquired, let's hope it happens.

      Thanks again!