Newsletter Crew January 11, 2021

Newsletter analytics discussion

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy
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    I had the pleasure of having @blakerson and @stefanvonimhof on this week's podcast episode. A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Blake Ellison on Twitter. He mentioned he runs an analytics service called Analysts Now and actually helped @Kevcon80, who was on episode 31, grow to over $10k MRR with his newsletter Softwareideas. I got Blake and a member of the Newsletter Crew community, Stefan from Alternative Assets, to hop on a call and analyze Stefan’s newsletter.

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    Everyone should check out @yaroslawbagriy 's podcast — And not just because @blakerson and I were recently on it. Yaro consistently has TOP quality guests, and his passion for all things newsletters shines through in a big way.

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      Wow Stefan, the probably the best comment I’ve ever got about the podcast. Thank you!

      I’ve already listened to this episode twice and it’s on my lest for a third listen. Also part 2 is out now! This is the second half of the call since it was an in-depth and call podcast episode.

      Check it out here if you haven’t yet @stefanvonimhof

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