Newsletter Crew May 22, 2020

Newsletter for gaming news site?

Sefhi @mascarell

Hello IH!

Started a news site and traffic is growing at what I think is a good but slow rate. The niche is gaming oriented only to online and coop games, still a really competitive niche.

All the competitors I follow in both spanish and english are not using newsletters to summarize the week latest news, just curious if you think it would work or should I focus on other things to grow?

Not sure if the big players are not using it because it doesn't work or just because they have not tried (most gaming websites are quite old in terms of design and functionality).

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    Can't speak for the big players with dedicated staff but as for myself running (my gaming side blog hobby) I started with a weekly news section but found myself spending too much time curating because the game industry moves so fast, so I switched to displaying a news feed instead. This is always available with the latest news but the list can sometimes be long/redundant to sift through. I believe there definitely can be a market for well curated weekly news in gaming.

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    It's worth a shot! I would certainly love to have a weekly newsletter with the latest gaming news :) And it seems like it would be a good idea to help your users stay engaged with your website.

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      Thanks for the reply!

      I'll try to start one and see how it goes then, if it works I'll make an update post in a month or two after seeing the initial results :)

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