Newsletter platforms for developers and technical writing

What are the newsletter platforms best suited for developers, i.e. which provide good support for technical writing and source code formatting? Think dev.to for newsletters.

I mean platforms with an issue editor that allows writing inline text and multiline source code blocks with monospaced fonts. Syntax highlighting in code blocks and Markdown support are a plus.

The popular editorial newsletter platforms are good only for straight text and media. For example, with the Revue editor you can't even insert inline text with a monospaced font.

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    I am running by blog about home automation, self hosting and some other interests on ghost.

    You can easily add code blocks with syntax highlighting. Markdown is also supported but not needed for that.

    Then you can just send newsletter with mailgun. Additionally there is a subscription integration with stripe for your content as well.

    I have set this up and thinking about if and what I would like a newsletter about.
    Currently only me and my girlfriend are subscribed for testing 🙂

    If you need help let me know.
    They also have a hosted service for ghost, but I never used so can not tell you much about it.

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      While versatile, self-hosting involves a bit more work.

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    Hashnode, a nice blogging platform for developers similar to dev.to, also supports newsletters with all the tech writing and code formatting features I mentioned.

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    I have not tried Ghost, but they claim to have Markdown support.

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      Good to know, thanks.

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