Newsletter Crew January 4, 2021

Newsletters, paid memberships and financial hardship

Will Buckingham @willbuckingham

Hey, folks,

Today, I've just launched my first newsletter-based philosophy course with my new project, I had the idea over the summer of offering ongoing philosophy courses by email, based around a newsletter format (I've written short email courses before for other platforms, and liked the format). So I set up a Ghost site in November to do the job. The idea is to offer courses to paying members, and weekly philosophy newsletters to non-paying subscribers.

But I've also had some thoughts about newsletters, pricing and ethics. On the one hand, I want to make this financially sustainable. On the other hand, financial hardship is real. So I've decided to make clear that in cases of financial hardship, I'm happy to offer free access to the members' tier. I've let subscribers know this in the latest subscriber newsletter, and also on my FAQs page.

This feels like the right thing to do. But I want to know if anybody else has taken this route, and what the implications have been.

Here, if you are interested, is the first lesson in my new course:

And here are my FAQs.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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