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NewsWatch wants to feature Wicked Templates on TV. Is this legit?

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Hello everyone!

So I got this email from Someone working on to feature Wicked Templates on TV.

I was wondering how can I get to know this is legit?

They want to schedule a call.

I really appreciate your help guys.


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    NewsWatch is legit in the sense that it's not fraud. They actually are exactly what they say they are, but their cold contact an initial sales pitch are definitely designed to get you excited and dreaming of all of the possibilities.

    Sales pitch is a very important description of what's happening though. NewsWatch is real in the sense that it is on TV and they will feature you on their show. The problem for you is they are not a TV show in the typical sense and they are not news in the typical sense.

    NewsWatch is an infomercial that looks like a technology review show. They buy infomercial timeslots and then you pay them to produce a segment that they play along with other segments on their informercial.

    They really will produce a video for you and put it on TV. You're paying for it though and it's not a review, it's an ad.

    I had a sales call with them this summer and they were very upfront in outlining all of that to me. Ultimately, as much as the initial thought of being on TV was exciting to me, $4,500 is a lot of cash to pay out for something that most likely wasn't actually going to turn into a real return on investment for me.

    Real journalists don't charge you for reviews and talking about your product. That's called advertising, and that's what NewsWatch is, advertising.

    You do get all of the rights to the segment they produce for you though, so you can continue to use that content for your own advertising even after the spot airs on TV. Does that make it worth it for you? Probably not, unless you already have a big advertising budget and think it's really valuable to be able to put on your landing page "as seen on TV!".

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      Ohh i see. Not thinking to put any capital on ads though. I have traffic, but no sales.

      More traffic won't help much.

      That's the reason I am working on better content. Aka templates.

      Thank you for putting up all this text with value. Really appreciate Chris.

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      Interesting. Thanks a lot.

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    LOL. I got one 2 days ago. It's bullshit - long story short, they will get in touch with you, and in the end want to offer you a $4500 package for you to buy to be 'featured' on their network.

    Later Edit: It's both bullshit and legit (basically, they actually exist and all, but the pricing is bullshit :D)

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      Maaan...for real?

      It looks like they are going through here IH...

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        Yeah, I think they are :) See also @csotherden's answer - to me, paying that much is not worth it a bit.
        You may reach 9 million homes or whatever, probably 0.001% will actually care about your product, and I'm sure you can spend those $4500 waaaaaaay better.
        Reaching 9 million people on twitter is very likely less than $50 (and they're just a click away :D).

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          Well, budget is zero....

          Twitter less than 50?? Didn't know, but good to know.

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            It might take you a while to tweak twitter (not easy), but you can definitely get there. The point was - reaching 9 million people (shooting in the dark) --> you can achieve this on twitter for insanely less.

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    It is not, no. They want you to pay them $5,000+ and they will turn it into a paid advertisement on a TV network at a time which it will receive very few or no views.

    It's a scam in the sense that they overpromise the expected results. You will get no value from this kind of paid advertising.

    Take this as a badge of honor, your project has gotten enough attention to get scam emails from NewsWatch!

    Don't reply, don't engage. Just send it to spam.

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    Haha they reached me too. It turned out they can do it for money. Your money, and it's not just 5 backs. I don't remember exactly what it was but something between $3, 000 and $5, 000, or so. So, if you are ready to pay, you can be "featured" like Heroku:

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      Hell no. They can do one!

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    Got a dozen of similar emails. Most of them were bullshit.

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      I can believe it.

      I rarely believe something like this. I was just thinking that they wanted to do it because it was 5th on this a week ago...

      In my opinion, is still not worth to even show...I am not finished...

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        Agreed. It might seem cool, but it could be completely fake. It’s not too hard to make a fake email that phishes your data :(

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            What was the email? If it didn't use the actual domain then it's a fake.

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              It actually did have that. Someone on Twitter mentioned that it might be with a fee

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                Hmmm... ok. Well it's up to you :-)

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