NFT Project - Blockchain Dev

I've been studying the NFT market recently and I've decided to build a small team to create a new project that I believe captures the spirit of what has made so many projects successful to date, and innovates enough to stand out and offer something new.

I'm looking for a blockchain engineer and a designer to join this new team. The Project will have P2PSAAS element to it. This will be a fun new project it has aspect of Music, Cryptocurrency, and Art.

So in short what it will be a music platform that operates using Blockchain Technology. I would hope to build it to be a metaverse one day but for now the main goal is to get it functioning properly.

so this project will be a platform for users to be able to upload their music. that music then get added to the blockchain it gets a song id. now that song is able to generate income because like a crypto token other peers can buy a stake in the song like you would a stock. so that's first part of the build.

The second important part is streaming the way I want it programmed is the stream pay ratio will be based off of the number it is valued at at the time. for example if a popular artist song is valued at .50 cents that artist stream rate would be .50 cent per play. I want people who choose to invest to be able to directly invest meaning buying a stake in the song also get gains by the performance of the song so if doing well.

I have an idea for the design of this project in which we can discuss once hired. I would love for it to be web and an app base on majority all platforms but I'm fine with it just being webpage or software to start out.

thank you in advance have a wonderful day

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