Design and UX May 31, 2020

Nicest Design I've Ever Come Across


Recently, I came across this:

This is super awesome to look at. Now, it has become my goal to get a website designed like this.

I prefer dark background (like IndieHackers) but this is lit. 🔥

What are some great designs that you've come across?

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    I don't know... This neumorphism thing never really "clicked" with me. The overall design is fine but something just feels wrong.

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      I see. What's the nicest design you've ever come across though?

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        Not sure about the nicest but I do like DigitalOcean's design language. It's very scannable and nice to look at.

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          Oh, yes. DigitalOcean is 🔥🔥

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    Accessibilty zero.

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    This is called "Neuomorphism" and it's SUCH a fad that it will probably be dead again in a few months.

    It is TERRIBLE for accessibility. Even people with perfect vision etc will struggle to make out buttons, from badges, from banners to just the background.

    Yeah.... trendy fad. I hate it.

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    If anyone's into getting custom icons on their notion docs then I have a pretty cool tip:

    If you type into the Link section of the icon picker, it'll place almost any site's logo in there

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      Wow, this is amazing.

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    Thanks for sharing :) !!!