April 10, 2019

Niche down because of interest?

Chad Thiele @Chaddeus

Maybe a weird title. I write on TokyoSpark, my site about eats and sights in Tokyo.

But I really like writing about restaurants and dining experiences so much more than "things to do."

So I'm curious -- what would you do?

A - Niche down, write almost exclusively about dining in Tokyo

B - Stay the course, but realize there will be far more dining content

But if I went A, would that be too niche?

I suppose at least I didn't name the site TokyoEats -- and could always moving into experiences and such later.



  1. 1

    What does your traffic say?

    I'm generally a fan of niching down to a specific pain point for a specific audience and expanding on that later.

    IMO it's better to be the best resource for working out where to get a good meal in Tokyo, than a hit-and-miss resource for activities around Tokyo...

    1. 1

      Great feedback, thank you.

      I decided to sort of reboot a little. Actually built a content strategy, and setup a plan of what to write.

      The “root page” of it all is https://tokyospark.com/tokyo-districts/

      And now I’ll begin diving into each district to offer help, advice, language, and of course the best sights and eats.

      And then I’ll dive in deeper on those recommendations.... and then deep dive on explaining what the various foods are.

      And then later on language help.

      And so on... :)