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No Code Chrome Extension Builder


Hey all,

As the title states, I'm right now thinking about building a no-code chrome extension creator. We've seen a huge rise in "no-code for x" but I have yet to see a single chrome extension creator. Kind of like Bubble but for chrome extensions specifically.

Have you seen any? If so, please link them (I haven't been able to find any). If you haven't seen any, would you use something like this? What are the top few features you'd like to see?

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    Hi @playtestgg,

    We're working low-code extension builder called PixieBrix. We make it easy to add buttons, panels, and triggers that can connect to APIs and other services. Additionally, we support robotic process automation (RPA) features. You can check out some demo videos here:

    Here are some of the tools we've seen:

    For anyone interested in the space, would be happy to connect to compare notes

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      Thanks for the mention @tschiller, let's connect on twitter

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    It's an awesome idea. Very niche, but very prime untapped market imo. I had an idea for a small Chrome extension that could act like bookends for your bookmarks, basically dividers that create regions of the bar that are for different things like social, tools, etc. if you know what I mean.

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    Good idea, it would be nice to take something like a website builder and have UI already there but needing to select permissions and more I have not seen before!

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    Hey @playtestgg, I'm launching this course on how to build Chrome extensions with Bubble check it out!

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      Cool! So timely haha - will check it out :)

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    @matteomosca get in here!! you're the expert!

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      Thanks man for the shoutout! I'm gonna release this week

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    I've always thought this was coming and a great idea. The only reason I didn't make it when I thought of it was because I didn't know how. I'm not sure how it would work, but if you know how to make it I think its going to be a win.

    If you find my comment in this post you will see me elaborate more on the idea.

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        Nice! Congrats on launching today and being so timely to the conversation.

        It would be great if you'd catch us all up in your builder journey and continue to #buildinpublic. I believe you'd have a core enthusiastic audience right here on IH (@csallen @rosiesherry) from which to grow.

        Good luck, keep us posted 🤘🏽

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          Thanks @sat 🙏🏼
          PS just deployed live, it's finally available! 🎸

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        Wow that was quick. My guy. Even better than I had hoped.

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        Hey! It looks like you are iframing the data through an extension. I actually used the same technique for the application gnotes on my profile. However, are you able to manipulate/read page information using that method?

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          Yes! I'll explain how in the course! Gonna realise it in 4 hours, working on one last thing

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    Would love to have a #nocode widget builder ;)

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    I saw some once.

    But I think the problem with it is it's hard to classify and narrow all the possible extension cases (unlike websites).

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    I live in Chrome, so I find such a tool idea intriguing and would definitely check it out. But right now I have no use cases in mind or features I'd like to have.

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    Yeah, this sounds cool. I'm not aware of any but it would be a good thing to have.

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    Sounds like a great pick and shovel to sell to the no-code adventurers. I haven't seen anything like this, but then again haven't been looking 🧐.

    I imagine if you could figure out the minimal use case for a no-code extension builder, you'd be well served to launch something closer to the original Carrd (@ajlkn) rather than a Bubble.

    Keep us posted, I'd be interested in what you come up with 🤨.

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      Yep! Totally agreed. This is actually a problem I face right now, I am a low-tech / no code enthusiast and have a few great chrome extension ideas I want to build, however, there is not a great deal of education out there that's fresh and there are certainly no no-code tools that I've come across. Makes me think there's definitely a demand for this (esp because chrome extensions can turn into easy / fun little side businesses and make extra income for many).

      Will keep you posted! Might start a waitlist for early access - let me know if you'd be interested in signing up!

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        I can recommend by fellow indiehacker @rfitz), its a good starting point to learn how you can use a framework like react to build yourself an extension.

        I had this idea for an extension that I really wanted to build for myself for a while. I kinda put it off just because I thought it was too complicated to build an extension. But once I started reading about it I realized that it wasn't that much different from building a web app so I finally built out my idea( Sure there are a few constraints but otherwise, you can leverage your HTML, CSS and javascript skills.

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          Thanks for the shoutout, Gustav!

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            Hey rfitz! Like what you've built here but want to take it to the next level and consider building a no code chrome extension tool with me? I'll dm you on twitter!

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