No-Code October 14, 2020

No Code Domain Names

Stephen @stepocampbell

I am aware that a lot of no code makers have a collection of no-code domain names stored up for that idea that came out of the blue. So let the community decide which ones are the best.

This also helps validate the no code idea as well >>>> http://NoCode.Domains <<<<

If you want to sell the names, the platform will enable you to be contacted if there is an interested party.

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    I'm also trying to figure this out. Just because you are no code doesn't mean you need to advertise the fact right? Is it weird to have no code or that in the domain name like all the examples? Wouldn't it just be ... any cool domain name that can be used for a project?

    Maybe it's just the domains listed? If you made a product for the public would you put 'nocode' in the name? Or is there some naming convention I am unaware of?

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      So it seems you probably misunderstood the product and that's maybe my fault. It's not for any cool domain name actually. There are many domain name marketplaces across the world optimized for that.

      This app is just for cool no code related domain names. What should I have written to make that more clear on the site?

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    Good to see you here bro @stepocampbell - it's such a pleasure to see your project is getting traction.

    I'm wondering what's your tech stack for this project?

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      Thanks Felix. Appreciate the sentiment.

      It was built purely on bubble and buymeacoffee for monetization.

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    Fun idea. What's specific to no-code here though?

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      Also it was build with no-code tool :)

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      Thanks! The domain names are no-code related. Did you check the site out? Let me know what you think.

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        Sorry yea, I guess I was wondering why you're going so niche with this! This is something every maker does. I suppose having was probably a motivator :)

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          Ohh, the reason is I see a lot of makers just posting on twitter to sell their names. If there was a place to get more eyes on their names it would help.

          I actually got after I came up with the idea. Names listed already have inquiries there.

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