No-code for coders

No-code users are:

  • Non-coders who want to build without coding (otherwise they fail).
  • Coders who want something faster than coding (otherwise why bother).

Code v Docs

Can we build a product that serves both types simultaneously?

Possibly, but don't assume it's easy.

Can we build docs that serve both types simultaneously?

Doubtful, as one gets bored or one gets lost.

So is it:

  • 1 X product + 2 X docs ?

Falling between two stools

Seems to me you have to choose to serve one type otherwise becomes too complicated or a poor fit.

Any thoughts/experience IH?

  1. 1

    Docs are important either way.

    The way I'm approaching this problem is by offering a non-technical interface in the product first, with configuration to show more detail if you're more advanced and that's how you want to work. Combined with shortcut keys I'm hoping to have the best of both worlds. I think extensibility is also key if you're targeting more advanced users.

  2. 1

    even good coding products have multiple docs that are repetitive, from getting started, tutorials, walkthrus, api refernce, example apps and generators coupled with differnt community driven content on forums/QnA/chats..

    it's hard to hit everything with 1 doc
    you need atleast one that is refence type with getting started and one that is a hand holding show me how to do a useful thing

    1. 1

      Aye you're right. As you know I'm writing docs upfront and it's highlighted that even though I aim to build solutions that can be used with just a little configuration (aka no-code) writing hand-holding docs for non-coders is too much effort to take on at the moment (I need to explain too much background or can't resort to established lingo). So my take is to press on and re-visit with alternative docs for non-coders if/when appropriate.

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