No-Code for Non Tech Founders

Hello IH Community,

Any non-tech co-founders (e.g. understand tech maybe in terms of frameworks but does not possess ability to code) here building your own micro SaaS MVP? Which no-code platforms/tech stacks are you using and why?

Interested to learn and exchange ideas on your journeys so far and identify what the biggest barrier is!

I do not have a tech background and a big supporter of pre-sell/validate before building it out in full hence the above question.

Thanks guys!

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    I built WeBase [1] to help people like you create MVPs and marketing sites. If you have an idea and want to bounce around specific ideas on executing it let me know!

    [1] https://www.webase.com

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    Hey @haywoodshum - I am a big fan of nocode.

    Not SaaS, but I'm running a few projects built with tools like Notion and Card. Incl. VenturesList and Virtual Mojito

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    I've been interviewing founders building companies with no code tools at: No Code MBA - you can see how much they are earning and what their no-code stack is.

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    Many of our users at nocodify.com are using bubble for their SaaS MVP.

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    Usually you can gauge how much interest there is with a simple carrd.co landing page and an email list. Even after that you can stitch together stuff with Airtable + zapier. It all depends on what you want to build ...

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    I'm trying to build a SaaS with Bubble, I've built the easiest parts but I still don't know if I'll be able to build the most complex features. Made a question similar to this a few days ago but nobody answered!

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