No-Code January 31, 2020

No Code platform to start learning with


Hi all,

What No-Code/Low Code platform (or stack) would you recommend that could potentially provide the following:

-User Management: Log In/Sign up and account settings
-Dashboard Charts
-Database to feed the platform
-Upload/Store documents
-Create PDFs (on demand) of forms
-Emails (create a template and send on demand)

The data should be secure since it will hold user's sensitive information like DOB, SSN and medical information (maybe).

With my limited coding skills, I want to start learning about how to create a product, perform user and market research. I stumbled upon No-Code/Low Code as a great opportunity to validate my idea by creating an MVP and would like to know which platform should I use start learning.

Thank you!

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    I think bubble is your best option. They have great documentation as well.

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      Thank you for your response. I will look into it!

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    If you will really handle users medical data then you have to be HIPAA compliant. Very few platform can satisfy that requirement.

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      Thank you for your reply!

      What is covered by “handling medical data”? Does that includes if I only have field with a Yes/No if a medical appointment have been done?

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        I believe that it's not. Details here:
        But handling any personal information that allows identification like SSN is required careful legal a technical preparation if you do not want to get in trouble.

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          That is true my friend. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hey @Gilsonc
    As an option try to consider Tabbli also. You can use almost all inside and no needed external integrations.
    Here is my description of how we create the job board from scratch. Job-board is some kind of marketplace where participants manage own data using the private area secured by login/password.

    You can use this job-board template for free now.

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    Creating a MVP with bubble would be best use case as they have log in/sign up with numerous plugins for additional functionality. If you wanted more design control and custom stack I would recommend the following:

    Visit NoCodelist to find tools for different functions and categories.

    User Management: Log In/Sign up and account settings - Member stack
    -Dashboard Charts or Webflow
    -Database to feed the platform Airtable
    -Upload/Store documents or Webflow
    -Create PDFs (on demand) of forms TypeForm
    -Emails (create a template and send on demand) MailChimp

    I recommend Zapier for the glue to connect these apps together.

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      Thank you fann30 for your inputs. I know now where to start!

      Does bubble + plugins provide security for sensitive information?

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        If you’re planning on storing PCI or HIPAA data, you’ll need a different solution. Bubble doesn’t do this natively.

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          Thank you! I am not familiar with PCI and/or HIPPA and will take your comment into consideration.

          What other solution do you suggest?

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            If you aren't trying to store credit card information or healthcare info, you're probably fine.

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              What about date of birth and SSN? I am worried if someone hacks the app or something similar..

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                I would 100% avoid capturing SSN in a Bubble database. Birthdate is less of a concern, but social security number is a no-no.

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                  Thats a bummer. SSN and other sensitive information is important for the webapp. Is there a workaround that the data is stored with a 3rd party (like airtable), and bubble will just have a field to feed/display it?

                  I apologize for all the questions!

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                    I'm not super familiar with how Airtable is set up, but I would check with them before collecting any SSN. It's a complex business to enter and even if Airtable keeps things super secure and private at rest, you'd have to make sure the same is true as the data is being transmitted from source to destination.

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                      That sounds fair. Thank you!

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        Here is the link for complete guide to and the security documentation.

        summary. Until you set privacy roles, all data created by your users or yourself can be read by anyone. Anyone with some programming skills can view all your app's data, even if there isn't a page in your app that explicitly shows the data to users. That's where privacy roles are important, they guarantee data is only shown to people to meet some criteria. Privacy rules are enforced on the server, which makes them secure.

        Set Privacy roles in order to protect data. You should be good but have to read more into the documentation above.

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