No-Code September 24, 2020

No-code tool to enter spreadsheet data into website

Tae Hyun Kim @livekth

Hi everyone!

I found a bunch of web scraping tools that need no developer knowledge, but I've not found any tool to reversely get data from my own Google sheet and then input them into a website which have neither an import function nor data import API.

Do you know any tool to automate the manual input to a website from my sheet?

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    Hmm. Probably my poor English has confused many ones :-(

    Anyway, I found, which does the exact thing that I'd like to do. You can watch that builds a bot that posts a blog automatically in the following video:

    Basically, I'd like to have this kind of automation -- which does not use API. But I'd like to get data from Google Sheet for this type of bot-like automation so that I can repeat the actions for a set of data.

    You might think this as you want to write a job description to multiple job-boards that do not support API access.

    Unfortunately, would charge me $900/year, which I can't afford. So if you guys find an alternative, please share it with me.

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    Wait, that’s not true. If the goal is simply getting data from a google sheet to a website there are many options. Are you asking to if you can pull data from Google Sheets so it’s the database to your website? If so, what about (in beta), Datadeck can also pull it directly in, and if you setup the Airtable automations to the sheet then you could use or a more robust You could even create PWAs that automatically pull the data into a website and mobile web app like Adalo, GlideApps, and depending on what kind of site you can even use the Google Sheet add-in AwesomeTable. Maybe I’m misunderstanding this but I don’t see how Quick Base isn’t the most powerful tool that not only does this but you can create any apps too. All automated.

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    If you are using WordPress for your website, there is a useful plugin that maybe can help you.

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    Very Interested in this. Please share if you find a workaround.

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    Very interesting. Never thought this way. I am working on a Google sheets #nocode tool so this interests me.

    So you mean - There is a form on a website. You want to loop through the Google sheets data and enter the data in the form for each row in the Google sheet?

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      Yes, that's right!

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        Thankyou. If its just displaying the data from Google sheets onto a website, my product can do that

        But if you want to input the data from sheet to website, I dont think there are any nocode tools for that. There are several options like Selenium and other web automation tool that can do that with some amount code to read through the sheet , then for every row, click couple of options on website, enter data and move to next row.

        If you ever build this, keep me posted and I am happy to look at it and post in my network.

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