Ideas and Validation January 25, 2020

No-Code VC

Andrew @wrannaman

A venture studio that:

  • gave you free access to a no-code tool and no-code developers to help build your product
  • helped you launch your product
  • help you validate your product
  • helped you raise a seed round
  • used some kind of revenue share (like the SEAL
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    Hey Andrew,

    I'm interested in your idea and in fact I'm currently working on something similar. Would love to connect with you!

    Do you have an email or social I could use to get in touch?

    Have a good one,


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      Hey Marcel, email me at andrewpierno at Would love to hear what you're up to.

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    Hey @wrannaman very nice initiative and I can see you have got a great portfolio line up.

    I've been working for Techstars for a while, always eager to contribute a new form of venture program. Shall we extend the conversation?

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      Let's do it! andrewpierno at

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        Hey @wrannaman - would love to exchange ideas. Does LinkedIn work for you?

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          sure, or i gave you my email ^^

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    It has some potential good Luck

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    No-code is going to be huge in the next few years. I'm sure there's a few VC already moving in the space. I was formerly part of a non-profit "makerspace" that operated very similarly to this. No-code is nice because you can quickly get MVP launched and fail/pivot without too much loss. Startup/VC is all about creating safer environments to test ideas and find out what works v does not.

    Solid idea -> let me know if you're making moves on this.

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      Thanks, will do!