Ideas and Validation September 16, 2020

No Cost to Low Cost MVP


Hey Indie Hackers Crew,

I'm building out my own ideas and helping some friends build their ideas as well.

I see two roadblocks is getting the first few users or having the funds for a basic product if you're not a developer. (Even with the no-code movement)

Wondering if any non-devs would would consider having their MVP built either for free or really low-cost and guidance to get the first few users?

Would you be interested?
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    So what's the catch here? As a dev I'd like someone to work for me for free.

    It's not even clear what you are offering, are you going to provide me the first users? funds? or the MVP? or get away with the idea? :)

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      No catch here since nothing is created yet just ideating on it. :)

      Just throwing it out since I see devs want help with the customer acquisition side, non-devs want help with the development side so thinking of a way to help the two minds meet or help each other. Any other thoughts?

      I have some ideas on sharing resources with a small group of people to help each other. Say you need someone for sales and someone else does, people help hire someone or same for development, etc.

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        I actually had the same question as @anilkilic, but what you describe know sounds awesome!

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        Then it's a great idea. Hard to make it work, requires some trust. But if you as a group manage to work it. You start the game 1-0 ahead.

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          Yea I think it might be a bit tough but might as well try it out right?

          If I throw something together for this would you be open to try it out? What would help you? Sales? Marketing? More dev help?

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            Sure go for it. I skim through your history and I'm not sure about the micro-team approach would fit me or I'd fit in. I'm kind of a misfit. I thought it's more like a group of people keeping each other accountable and helping along the way. Like in a smaller and honest scale.

            And 3 out of 3 I'd use any help that I could get. But not like starting start-ups with random people.

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              Yea there’s been a few learnings that’s I’ve found.

              1.) Some people are looking for extra hands
              2.) some are looking to join up with others for support and account ability
              3.) some are just looking with people to partner up.

              So I’m chopping wood on testing away to help people.

              Sounds like 2 would be where you’re at.

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                Seems like it.

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                  Cool if that group assembles I’ll ping you!

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    This is called a venture capitalist. You need to lose a lot of money to find a few very lucrative investments. Time is money.

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      Yes but thinking there is a need for indie builders. Not all businesses will be billion dollar companies many are just smaller businesses. Seems to be a gap that a few are filling. Just trying to see if there are ways like indie hackers to help people create businesses without roadblocks.

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    Great idea,
    what nocode platform do you use?

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      Thanks! If it's no code bubble or UI bakery or a similar platform. Or use developers who have interests in building a MVP version.