No need to schedule meetings, Tappy does it for you.

If you have ever been stressed communicating with your remote team, it is probably because you have not set standards for communication. Communicating as a team can be as simple as saying hi🎙 or as complex as a failed zoom call.

While an online communication channel is important for regular conversations, the occasional touchpoint, whether video calls or audio calls, is especially valuable for remote teams. Constant interaction and engagement will not only help you manage them better but will also help teams feel more involved and heard from afar.

Remote teams that want to create an effective communication culture should also use all the tools at their disposal. Implementing this strategy will improve communication with your remote team and encourage collaboration and collaboration between distributed team members. Make sure you meet regularly with the team to get in touch with them and find new ways to contribute to healthy collaboration. Plan your communication, get feedback, and plan feedback.

with Tappy👈 you can spark a conversation with one click!

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