NoCodeSheets is now Siteoly

A quick update to all - we are almost done building our website builder for Google Sheets. The previous temporary name for this project was NoCodeSheets.

Now we renamed NoCodeSheets to Siteoly.com after some initial feedback.

Siteoly - The fastest way to build websites using Google Sheets.

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    Tagging @jasonleow -
    Would love to get your thoughts on our product. Will shortly send you an email as you have subscribed to this.
    I have also seen you working a lot on Google Sheets these days.

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      Thanks! Nice templates you got there - the design is a highlight. If I may ask: other than the design, how is this different from say, Sheet2site?

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        @jasonleow A lot of differences indeed. Glad that you asked!!

        First and foremost, Siteoly doesn't need any installation from marketplace. Yes, there are no add-ons required which means you are not required to share sheet even for view only access.

        Coming to visual differences - there are lot of configurations possible.

        Here are a few major things

        In Navigation bar,
        The links can be configured to right, left and center.
        You can add logo or text as needed

        In header, there are about 5 major variations possible.

        Image of Siteoly Header

        Image can be background and text can be at foreground at center
        Image can be background and text can be at foreground at right
        Image can be background and text can be at foreground at keft
        Image left and text right
        Text right and Image left
        Text, buttons, links can be added in header in any order.
        Text size can be configured.

        In Body, a lot of possible configurations

        Cards can be added. We are launching with about 40+ designs for cards. Highest by several folds than any other competitor. You can image the scale of variations possible.
        Along with cards, lot of text can be added before or after the cards

        Cards and text can be configured to display in any order.

        To add text content on body, there are about 6 variations possible. I am not going into details but will save it for another day for card designs and content.

        Card Actions

        Another major highlight is, the action for the card can be configured whether to show card content in same page by expanding the card, go to another page or just show as Popup.

        In Footer,
        Lots of configurations are possible in footer as well.

        With a single Turn on Turn off at component level, any component can be turned on/off to display on page.

        The beauty is that all this happens right inside the sheet and you don't have to go out of the sheet to change any of these configurations. Change any of this in sheet and the site picks up the changes automatically.

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          WOW nice indeed. Well done @upenv ! Cant wait to see you launch this officially

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