May 23, 2019

NomadList for public libraries

Sharath Prabhal @sharathprabhal

NomadList( for Public libraries ?

I've recently started using public libraries around the Boston area to get work done and loving it. However, not all libraries have the same features(comfortable seating, parking etc). Would such a resource be helpful? This will a global resource.

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    Love your idea. Curation of public libraries sounds like a lot of work. Any strategies on effectively collecting and curating the library data?

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      Public libraries in the US are fairly well documented, a bit of scraping should do the work. I haven't checked what the case is for other countries. Either ways, I'm expecting this to be majorly crowd sourced and minor help from the local librarians.

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    I always wanted to make this, not just for libraries but for coworking places in general (coffee shops, libraries, bars, etc).

    1. 1 seems like a good resource. The data is limited though.

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    Would be awesome! On a sidenote, Swedish libraries are among the finest I ever used.

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    I like your idea :)

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    As a daily library worker myself I find this idea really nice. I would love to know where the "good" library is when traveling around.

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    I think it is a good idea. If you don't end up doing it, something I would consider working on if I had free time.

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    Love this

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    I’d love this as a resource, but how would you monetize?

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      tbh, I wasn't thinking of monetizing it. Since public libraries are free, I would expect this to be free as well. Maybe focussed ads on "books, reading, knowledge share "

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        Amazon affiliates might work good.