🔥 Non-English podcasts (that aren't about language learning)?

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    Hey! I launched a French podcast a few months ago. It's called GenerationRemote, I interview developers, founders that work remotely (even as nomads) to understand what's the pro and cons of remote work!

    The website: https://generationremote.fr

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      This is so awesome 🙌🏻

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      That's awesome! I'm always looking for French podcasts to try to practice :) hope I can understand it haha

      Would you ever provide transcripts? Not sure outside of the additional work if there's downfalls to this (people reading vs listening).

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        I think about it but I didn't found any good solution for it. It can be great for non-French speakers indeed!
        Do you know some great services to transcribe french audio?

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          No idea unfortunately - was curious of those exist. I just listened to the first episode and felt I could understand sufficiently so listening to #1. This is really great practice, thanks for creating!

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