Productivity January 24, 2020

Non native english speakers - how do you do copy writing for your site

Dennis Deeks @deeks

Hi dear indies,

Post your stories how you do your copy writing for your site as a non native english speaker.

Does everybody have native english speaking friends, do you pay someone, what's your process?

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      +1 for Grammarly :)

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    I hire an english speaking copywriter

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      want to disclose your copywriter as i am searching for one?

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    As most people I'm also using Grammarly, however, today I found an additional tool that will tell you how hard is your copy to read:
    You should aim to make it as easy to read as possible.

    PS: That isn't my site and I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I found it from an youtube video.

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      +1 for hemingwayapp :-) Thanks for the link!

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    Write article by myself, check using the gramarly chrome extension, and at the end my freelance editor check the text, and make some changes and suggestions if needed.

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    Hi Dennis.

    I've done all writings by myself. Generally, I don't check for spelling except there is a red line under the word or I'm not quite sure. On some occasions I do use online grammar tool for additional checks and recommendations.

    I'm planning to produce more written content for our project about learning English :) and considering to start using prowritingaid program.

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      this is exact the approach i am currently using :-)