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Non technical founder needs help

Peter Madhavan @petermadhavan

Hi Guys

Need help with auditing the product. We are scheduling software. From the beginning, there is some issue. Can you anyone help with this? Right now, developer upgrade to Full calendar V 5.3 and says because of that it's not working. We have active.users and more than a day it's not being fixed. Also whenever developer update the product, there is some issue. I need to tell him that after that he will fix it. I don't know why this is happening alwayz.

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    Automated tests (to ensure updates don't break things). Process (to manage releases). Release updates to subset of users before the whole user base.

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      Thank you so much. Developer fixed it right now. Thank you so much again. I shared your inputs with my developer.

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    You should have a staging / testing environment and your production environment at the very least. This will give you an opportunity to review and test deployments and confirm your application still works manually before pushing it to production.

    Ideally automated tests would assist in this process and your confidence that the product is still running and working as expected.

    Also, if you've got a scheduling product and your dev just upgraded your Full cal in production without testing locally and confirming everything works - that's a pretty big red flag.

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      Yes. Understand. Thank you. Just now.fixed it. Shared all the indie community replies to my developer.

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      You may not need a technical co-founder, you may just need more than one person available to look at your app. Small team, or company to assist with it versus an individual if the person is less experienced.

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        Ryan, thanks for your feedback. I'm talking with some other agency and we experienced Dev's to get work with us.

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    I'd suggest find a technical partner.

    PS: And learn to build stuff with no-code and code on the side. It's not that difficult nowadays.

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      Ok 👌 Need to get someone technical to get this going. I have a marketing agency, couldn't find a way to learn. That's why

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    sounds like you have a very junior engineer have a bit unreasonable expectations of them. You likely need to hire someone more experienced.

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      True words! Our developer says he is having 5 years exp, lacks on these things. Need to add an experienced Devs to our team

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    If you only have a single developer working for you, you should also look into getting another developer to work with you even if just to review code, test features, etc. or having a QA person to also test things.

    As other's said automated testing is very important, but that won't catch everything and it is very easy for a developer whose code isn't being reviewed to also write wrong automated tests

    This is coming from a developer who normally leads teams for a large company and also works on freelance and contract work on the side. Even after years of being a developer and being a go to person on my teams I still make bugs or make mistakes in my tests some times. I always prefer when I have at least one other person (QA or developer) to check my work.

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      Thank you so much! Kevin. Working on getting another developer or agency to work with us.

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    @antho1404 is this something you could help with?

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