April 25, 2019

Non-VC funding opportunities.

Kevin Burton @burtonator

I'm curious if you guys have any suggestions for non-VC funding opportunities?

For example, many cloud providers have credits you can apply for and some are $20-100k. This can be a massive cost savings for a rapidly growing startup.

There are also grants you can apply for such as the Knight Foundation (assuming that you qualify).

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    Sales :) (sorry, couldn't help myself!)

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    Hi Kevin! We're on top of this and building a platform. Shoot me an email to get access to early alpha at [email protected].

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    I believe if you incorporate with Stipe Atlas, you can get $5,000 in AWS credits. Good for starters :)

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    If you burn through your AWS/GCP credits and still need to buy yourself some time you can get $25k - $100k in Azure credits with their startup program. https://startups.microsoft.com/en-us/

    If you're in a co-working space ask if they have any service partnerships. We were able to get $5K in AWS credits and $50K in Stripe fees waived through our WeWork membership.

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    I got $3K credit from GCP via their startup program. It has been extremely helpful. Although, it looks like they've changed the program so you can now only get $1K unless you are backed by one of their partners.

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    This is one of those cloud credit programs you mentioned. I did not know about this. That could be as good as cash to some companies. I dig it.

    Keep 'em coming folks. :)

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