Ideas and Validation August 4, 2020

Not all projects have to be monetary

Jonah Grindler @JonahG

Of the side projects over the years and the ones that I've stuck with are the ones I do because it's fun and rewarding. Not to say money makes a project bad, but make sure you like what your building before being motivated by finance.

About 3.5 years ago I started a simple list of interesting links that I posted to daily. Today I launched a brand new site and opened the archive for the first time.

Although I haven't made money directly, the project was a vehicle to practicing design and learning to code, which has attracted clients and made value in other ways.

What do you think about non-monetary side-projects?

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    I like non-monetary side projects. Actually like them better than main projects because if you have a bunch of side projects that you actually love it's a good indicator that you should be doing the things you love, on the side, full time.

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    I start projects because I enjoy and grow from them or I will earn money.

    Never just for the money. Sometimes just for the enjoyment. Ideally a mixture of the two.

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    In a way, non-monetary side projects always existed in the creators and makers space. Think for example of blogs and open-source projects, which are typically available for free. I have both.

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    I believe the goal of most Indie Hackers is to be free of their 9-5. So the goal is money.

    There are 100s of other communities that are about learning to code and practice.

    Indie hackers are unique, they don't want to gamble (VC money) but they also want the freedom that comes by having money.

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