Not booring on border.

Are you looking to get you first 100 paying customers for your saas product and you are still struggling with it? Say no more.
My name is Sam I am a saas founder of a couple of products and have struggled for more than 10 months trying to reach customer market fit. I built a product that i knew provided so much value for my target audience. This happened after reaching out to so many wrong customers, lots of frustrations and Anger even with Family and friends who i thought were not supportive, but turns out i was just using so much energy on the wrong audience. As i was struggling with this, i thought of building a product to help SaaS founders reach market fit. I hope this brings value to all saas founders from the process of pitching to target audience to onboarding interested customers, to becoming a paying customer and finally retention retaining your customers/users. Having to retain your customers/users for more months and hopefully years.

Follow me on Twitter where i share publicly on building a product as a 21 yr old SaaS founder in Nairobi.


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