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Notion API project wishlist

"When the API arrives..."

I was just thinking about one of my biggest bugbears/wishes for Notion... it's making Calendar database views subscribable as .ics files, so that I can add them to the many calendars I have in Google Calendar.

Airtable does this out of the box. It's a great feature. Not to have it means I'm hampered in the hope of consolidating around a single system. The reality is, I'll still want to continue using Google Calendar - but I'd love to pull in my Notion calendars, and make them available.

But I just had an additional idea around bridging the divide further...

A problem with merely making a Notion Calendar available for subscribing-to is that changes are one-way... even if you manage to view the calendar in Google Calendar, you can only edit the event on the Notion side.

So, how about cooking up a deeper integration with a calendar in Google Calendar? That is:

  • Specify a native Google Calendar to which you would give Notion read and write access.
  • Changes made on the Notion side update those events.
  • But now edits are also made possible on the native Google Calendar side, because, after all, it's a Google Calendar calendar.

In short - two-way event syncing... GCal<>NotionDB.

Airtable does not do that.

Whilst one-way .ics availability should be something Notion builds itself, I don't think they would tackle the above.

So, if anyone is itching to develop with the API when it gets going, that's what I would like to see.

Any thoughts on the above idea, or any other ideas for hackers to note here as hacker projects, for when the API is out?

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    Just to say, the ClickUp Google Calendar integration does this and then some. It's absolutely perfect https://clickup.com/integrations/google-calendar-task-sync Bidirectional sync for any calendar... if you change something on ClickUp, it's reflected on GCal... if you change it again over on GCal, even if you move the time/date, it's changed back on ClickUp. That removes a significant barrier - having to use two different apps, neither of which ever stores your world in full.

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