Notion or Airtable for database and research based products?

Both of these are great solutions for providing values, and access to their links can be shared on platforms such as Gumroad, making them a good choice when it comes to sharing results of research.

I'm currently working on a database regarding marketing to help devs and hackers get their product out there to the audience that would be suitable for them.

And right now I'm debating over which of the two would work best. I've seen several examples of both of them being used for these kinds of products and both solutions have proven to be successful.

So which one would you go for? Or which one would you want to see such a resource in that you'd be more familiar with?

Which would be more convenient for you?
  1. Notion
  2. Airtable
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    Good question!

    I too have been thinking about hooking my product up to a database product such as Airtable or Notion. Such advantages as an ready-built UI for customers to access their data!

    But in the end I think I’m going to go with a good old MySQL database. It’ll avoid the complexities, risks and potential expense of relying on a third-party product.

    So my vote is for a third, self-implemented option!

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      Not for a database, a database needs to be pretty secure so these options would actually be pretty bad when it comes to storing customer info.

      I think should should have provided examples as well to be clear. I'll add them here.
      I meant for something like this,

      These are resources based on data that's been researched and collected and are useful to developers in their journey.

      One of them is Notion while the other is in Airtable.

      So if you wanted resources such as these, which one would you go for or be more comfortable accessing?

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        Ah, right, got it. Thanks for the clarification, Ayan!

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        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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          It's not insecure, yet it's not the best place to store some of the more sensitive customer information. (Thought that's not what I am aiming for either)

          Airtable and Notion are just as secure, but when it comes to user data, its better to use databases that provide more security and are flexible for those types of data.

          The same can be achieved in these two as well, but it'll require a lot more work on your side for setting up password security and other sensitive information.

          So to avoid complexities, its a good idea to use somethings that doesn't require as much of a set up. But if you're able to achieve those things and feel like your'e more comfortable with Airtable or Notion being your primary database, then that's what you should go for!😄

          Edit: @Damienl also has a great response below for which one he prefers and why he made the switch to managing his own database instead of an Airtable database

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    When i first built the V1 of https://theseolabs.com/ it was a simple Airtable, now for the V2 i'm using a MYSQL database so i can :

    • Keep my data proprietary
    • Not paying for more rows on Airtable
    • Building a Saas from the database

    But i really think for not so huge project or Version 1 to validate your idea you should go for an Airtable or Notion !

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      Hey Damien,

      I'm working towards a similar approach. Have a database (most probably in Notion as it can be presented in a cleaner format) and then if there is a lot of interest generated from the initial product then go on to building a website around it.

      This way it'll not only help validate but would provide me with more time to work on the data itself rather than worrying about designing the site.

      Also, I checked out your site and in terms of design the consistency looks amazing! Let's hope I get to build a site out of my data product as well!

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